Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Vacation in Tennessee

I said I would blog about our vacation in Tennessee, and I think I have just a few minutes now to tell you a little about it. After last years vacation in Virginia Beach, and 5 guys in 5 days, I had high hopes when D said that all she wanted to do was sleep, shop, and fuck. I figured we would have a meal or two in there somewhere, but it still sounded like a lot of fun.

Things didn't quite work out like that this time. We set our location on the websites we use to Seveirville, TN, since that was roughly where we were staying. When we got to the Cabin, though, we were disappointed by the stained carpets, grungy couch, and musty smell of the place. I spent half a day just cleaning the place so D would be more comfortable. She got online and started chatting with some guys who had e-mailed, and had some good prospects with a couple of them. But we couldn't get any good dick on short notice, so we accepted the fact that we might have to wait until Wednesday for the most promising guy, who said he would be available then. I think it disappoints D when she cant get a guy to come over immediately, but she understands that life happens, and people have things they have to do.

Wednesday came, and the main guy who was supposed to come over had disappeared. Not on line, int answering e-mail, and wouldn't return calls. It was looking like she was going to have to just settle for my dick all week. I had sent a flirt to about every guy in the area who listed themselves as having a thick dick, and had weeded through several e-mails. She had become irritated with talking to idiots on line, and I had taken back over. One guy had risen to the top, a fellow from Knoxville, an educated light skinned black guy with a fat 8 inch cock. D has only been with one black guy before, and that was not the worlds greatest- he was good, and made her cum, but not exceptional. Being at the club, and someone we had just met, he wore a condom, but the whole event didn't last more than 15 minutes or so, and that was with another guy we know well also.

When D found out that I had not heard from her "prospect" I told her that I had been corresponding with a guy from Knoxville- She looked at his profile, and said, "OK, see if he can come fuck me tonight".

Here is the lesson, guys- He had good pictures of his junk, and his face and body. More than one face photo, so you had a decent feel for what he looks like. One photo was dressed up in a shirt and tie, and his e-mail was professional and well written. Punctuation and complete sentences makes a difference.

I got on the phone with him (again, the key factor- if you make your number private, or only communicate by e-mail or messenger, I don't have a lot of faith you will show)and his voice was pleasant and he sounded like someone familiar with fucking hotwives. It worked out for him that night, and he agreed to come over. He called when he got close, and I met him at a grocery store just down from our cabin and had him follow. D had asked me to delay an extra 5 minutes or so, to give her a little time to fix her hair, and I told him so and we chatted a while about the swing clubs we had been to, what her likes and dislikes were(no anal)what we do in real life, and how we normally meet, when we aren't on vacation and being bad, picking up guys for one night stand fucking.

After 5 minutes or so, I told him to follow, and headed up the mountain to the cabin, with this guy I just met and his allegedly big cock to fuck my lovely wife.

Ill finish the post shortly!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprise Sunday!

I will finish with what happened last saturday, but this Sunday turned out even more fun. It was a rather typical Sunday, she went to "church" so to speak, at 11. I was out running errands. She texted me that she saw her ex boyfriend there, that he was nice to her(she spilled coffee, and he helped her clean it up) She said that she supposed that meant he wasn't mad at her anymore. I was curious what he was mad about, and she replied that she thought he was mad because she wasnt fucking him anymore. He he. After that, she sent me another message that she was returning some things to the store, and that she was going to get her nails done afterward. She was going to her shop after that, so she had a full schedule. I continued running errands, and ended up doing yard work. I texted her back that I was glad she was doing some things for herself. Well. Little did I know....
I send her "I love you"s, all through the day. She replies with the same. Meanwhile, I am hard at work. Finally, late in the day, she calls me. I am sitting in my truck, stroking my little cock, horny. "Where ya been, baby?" I asked her, just making small talk.
"I went by Todd's for a quick fuck" she replied.
I was caught off guard. "when?"
"Just a few minutes ago. I kinda figured when he was being so nice to me, he wanted some pussy. I gave him a ride home after church. He tried to get me to come in then. I told him I might try to swing by later for a quick fuck."
I was startled, and said, "and you never told me?"
She said, "No. I didnt see a reason to. I couldn't tell you I gave him a ride home, or you would know I would be fucking him. So I didn't tell you anything. Its not your goddamned business who I fuck anyway, cocksucker"

She really knows how to turn me on. "Well, did you let him cum in you?"
"yes. I told him I needed him to hit the spots my husband couldn't reach. I still have his cum in me now. I might let you clean me up when I get home. If you are a good boy."
I was so fucking turned on, I thought I was going to cum in my pants.
" I told you I was not always going to tell you who or when I was getting fucked. But I always let you eat the cum out of my pussy when I do. So don't worry, you are not deprived. If you do a good job, I might let you have two minutes in me yourself tonight."
I asked, "did he make you cum, baby?"
"I came all over his big cock. I always do. He didnt really last all that long. Guess it has been a while since he had some good pussy." she replied.
"well, what happened?"
"When I took him home, I told him I might stop back for a fuck. Just a fuck and then go. So I went to his house, went in, pulled down my skirt, and started stroking his cock through is jeans. He gave me a long tongue kiss, and started squeesing my tits. We went into the bedroom. He undressed, picked me up and literally threw me on the bed, and started eating my pussy. He did that for a while, finger fucked me until I was soaked, then he mounted me and started fucking. He shot his load in me, and I got dressed and thanked him for the fuck. I was trying to get him to get some friends over. I kept telling him how I wanted three men, and not my husband, to fuck me. I know he has some good looking young friends who I bet can fuck. I keep hoping he will get the message."
"mmmmmm. Will you let me be there for that?" I asked.
"Im not sure", she said. "Maybe. Hurry up and finish and get home to eat my pussy."
"well, you can tell me all about it when I get home, baby doll"

And she did. She texted me on my way home and told me that I needed to find a cock to suck, or she might not let me have any pussy. I frantically put up a craigslist ad. When I walked in the house, she was on the computer, looking for men who would let me suck them off. She was rubbing her pussy. She told me to go take my shower. I cleaned my ass really well, not knowing what she might have in mind. I got out of the shower and asked her if she had me a cock to suck. She said, "no" she got caught up in reading a story. Then she went to the bedroom and fed me her wet, still cummy, cunt. It is soo good when she has been getting fucked with a big one. It is so open, so juicy.

She said she was going to have him come by her shop tonight at 7, when she closed, for another fuck. I am going to go sit outside and watch.

May went out with a bang

Sorry I have not posted in a while. Life happens, and we both have been very busy. But things do go back to normal eventually, and that means time for more fun!

We met a guy last weekend- he was a good fuck, but I dont know if it is going to work out for him to become a regular. That's an example of chemistry, I guess. She said that she felt he was the best fuck she has had since we have been married. He is not unattractive, there is nothing at all wrong with the guy, but there is just something she doesn't like. Or I should say, something that makes her not want to go for it again. And the funny thing is, she was talking about meeting him the next day right after fucking him the first time.

So Friday, May 28 I guess, she told me to find someone for her to fuck for Saturday. She said this while I was eating her out, so although I was willing, I don't tend to commit when I do look for someone until I get some conformation the next day. I had a brief conversation with a guy I had met in person over a year ago. He seemed normal enough when I met him, so I kept him on the list...but he had never been invited. Got to had it to him, he persevered, and kept popping in over and over to say hello, see if we were looking. Anyway, I told him we might be looking the next say, and that I would get back to him around noon on Saturday.

Saturday came, and she was still in the mood- but didnt really confirm. I always wait until she says she wants me to find someone that very day before I issue the "invite". I traded telephone numbers, but contacted a couple other guys in case. She has been saying off and on lately that she would like to find some good black cock, but doesn't know anyone. I dropped a line to one fellow I know, but he has not been checking his messages.

She told me when to have him cum over, and I arranged it, stressing to him how important it is to be on time, and to follow directions- let me know when you leave, when you are close, and when you are here. This is because often, she wants me to start eating her cunt before the guy gets here. Once her juices are flowing, she is not awkward about the meeting.

When he arrived, I sat and talked with him a while. We went over the same things we had went over a year ago. How we met, where he was from, marital status, work, how active in the lifestyle, weird things that had happened, etc. I found that he has been with around 4 other couples, and they have the same awkwardness at first as well, so we arent so unusual there. He said, they usually want to immediately get to fucking- usually the wife is already in the bedroom, and the husband will sometimes send him back to her, or maybe they start together- but the main thing is that there is either an awkward beginning, or straight to fucking.

She came out from the bedroom in a hot little revealing teddy, slutwear you can only wear to a swing club. He obviously liked it. She sat down next to him on the love seat, and started telling him about our little games, and what she enjoyed. She has some kinks, as do I. She asked if he had ever had a man suck his cock. He replied that no, that wasn't his thing. She told me to get my ass over to her and start licking her cunt while they talked. Of course, I scurried over and did just that. He was enjoying the view, watching me eat her out while she sat beside him. He asked if he could touch her- well, duh! So he started playing with her big titties while I continued to sop up her juices. She took out his cock, and started playing with it. At some point, while I was buried between her thighs, she must have convinced him to let her have me do the things she wanted, because she asked me, didn't I want to suck him while they talked? I was hesitant- I didn't want to do anything he was uncomfortable with. And so I didn't. She had explained how it turns her on to watch her pussy husband sucking the cock she is going to fuck. He was really caught off guard by our role play- he snickered a time or two.

I will continue later today with the rest of this story. I have a big day today, and need to get ready for it. I will post about that later too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun winds down from time to time

Hi again, friends. The fun time has slowed down for the month. Thus, no new posts in the last week. WE have been pretty bus with our businesses, but I will add a new post later this weekend. Just checking in for now-

There seems to be a cycle- we play for a week, then it tones down but its still possible for a week, then we don't even seem to mention it for a week, then we get a visitor. After the visitor, she is usually really horn again, and will look for guys (or girls) again.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flashback- Our first experience

I had said that I would start publishing a few flashbacks of our history, and fun times we have had. This post is about the first time she played with someone else. It was a little over 2 years ago, just before we got married.

We dated off and on for over 2 years. I kept trying to break up, I guess because I was afraid of the commitment. I think it is because I see making the commitment as a lifelong thing. I dont plan on doing it but once, and I wanted a woman who could share in my fantasies. My fear was that if I was with a woman that, although I may be in love with her, if she wasnt what I wanted to satisfy some of my kinks and perversions, I would either cheat, or simply be unhappy and unsatisfied. SO I held out, mainly out of fear that she was not the right woman, even though I have always loved her.

Well, one evening, we were talking on yahoo. She works for me/with me, and we communicated a lot at work, but also said good moring and good night via messenger every single day, along with honestly felt I love you's. One particular evening, we were on a breakup, though we had hooked up a couple times in the preceeding day or two, I guess out of familiarity, attraction, and general horniness. She has fantastic pussy, and it is really hard to resist. We were talking about some of our fantasies, in the generic sense. Not about what exactly they were, but about them in general. She popped in, and noted that she might be able to help me with some of my fantasies.

Obviously, this piqued my curiosity. I asked, "yes? Such as?"
She persisted with what exactly I fantasized about, and so I told her that I loved the idea of her going out with another man and returning to me and telling me how he fucked her, as I embrace her, caress her, eat her, and fuck her. She told me that she thought she could make that one come true.

Well, at that moment, I began to see a side that had been previously hidden, though perhaps, just below the surface. I asked her what she had in mind. She responded with a question- "Do you want me to go out and come home and tell you that I just got fucked, or do you want me to really go fuck someone?" I was quick to respond that it would be much hotter if she really fucked someone. I wanted her to come home to me and let me feel the wetness of her pussy, I wanted to see the cum stains on her panties, and I wanted to use his cum to lubricate my cock. She had someone in mind. I was rock hard. Could it be that she had been my dream girl all along? Well, we would see. I told her to tell me about it, and later she told me just what she had planned. In the meantime, I suggested some light reading to give her ideas on what I wanted. I told her to google the word "hotwife" and she would get lots of info, which she did.

After she said that she could help me with my fantasy, I asked what she had in mind. She told me that one of her old friends had been trying to fuck her. He had been inviting her over and she was sure it was because he wanted some. She said she could go visit and get fucked, if I wanted. Then she would come back to me and tell me all about it. i recall feeling just a twinge of jealousy, and a little anger. The anger was at him for trying to fuck her since he thought we were still dating. The jealousy felt bad, but then turned into the most erotic feeling I have had in a long time. Here is the woman who I definitely love, and have loved for quite some time, and the fantasy I have had for years, about to be made true. Although it was not exactly as I had pictured the scenario, it was probably even better this way, as it could be a harmless test of the fantasy, to see if this was something I could handle, or not.

She is so wonderful. She made it abundantly clear, over and over, that she loved me, that I satisfy her sexually completely, and that she did not need anyone else. But that if this was something I wanted, she felt that she would enjoy it as well. It would be a nice addition to an already interesting and exciting sex life. I told her that I did, but only if she was comfortable with it. She could change her mind at any time, and I would understand, love her, and support her, and not be angry with the decision at all. She asked how I would feel if she went through with it. I told her, so incredibly turned on- So hot. I would fuck her like we have never fucked before. So we made plans that she would set it up. I was included on all aspects. I was rubbing her shoulders when she called and asked if he wanted to get together and just have a quick fuck in a few days. Needless to say, just hearing her set it up was a big turn on, and we had another hot night together, accented by the idea of her being my precious little slut.

We really worked ourselves into quite a frenzy over the next few days. WE took the time to read, to learn, to tell each other clearly what we like and do not like, what were boundaries, and what was not. The main issue that we came back to time and again was honesty. I firmly believe that anything in our relationship will be ok, as long as we are honest.
We researched the web, and as she was learning what my fantasies were, I began to learn more of hers. Nothing was taboo. We were more honest with each other that we have ever been with anyone before. We learned things about each other that we never knew, though we may have suspected. We became closer.

We went shopping together to buy her a new outfit to wear over to get fucked. I made sure I paid for every item. I like the idea of spending my money to doll her up to be fucked by someone else.
We picked out a hot black lacy number, a sexy bra and thong panties with a garter and black hose, and a pair of 4 inch black heels that scream "fuck me" That was all she wore, with a jacket over it so she could get to her car without causing too much of a stir in the neighborhood. I helped her get ready, from shaving her pussy, dressing, and catering to her as she applied her makeup. Quite whoreish makeup, but still beautiful. I licked her pussy a while after she was dressed and ready, to make sure she was wet, then kissed her and sent her on her way out the door....

So here we were, D was about to go fuck her ex-boyfriend John, dressed slutty as hell, in her fuck me pumps, garters, thongs, and black lace. I knew her pussy was wet, and very clean and delicious, as I had been eating her out only moments earlier. She kissed me goodbye, and was about to walk out the door. Just before she walked out, with the door to her apartment standing wide open, she paused, and slowly went down to her knees. She pulled my shorts to the side, and took my cock in her mouth. I was already semi hard, just from the intensity and mental excitement of the afternoon. Her mouth closed around me, and she began to blow me, slowly and deeply, for just about a minute and a half, getting me solidly hard. I love to watch my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, to see her saliva glistening on my shaft. Feeling her tongue on my head, up and down. Her eyes alternate open and closed, and she looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes while her mouth is full of cock, and then closes her eyes back and takes me deeper in her throat. She looks so erotic when she gives head, and truly makes love to my cock and balls. At a certain point, she holds me by my hips and fucks my cock with her mouth. I slowly began to return the favor, rocking my hips back and forth gently, slowly fucking her face. After getting me thoroughly excited, as she knows she has when my hips start to gyrate and I take over the action of face fucking her warm mouth, she looked up into my eyes and pulled her mouth off my cock with a "popping" sound. The sound of a kid smacking a lolli pop out of their mouth. "There, that is something to keep your mind occupied while you wait" she said. As if I needed anything else to keep my mind occupied. In just the snap of a finger, in just one quick second, her attitude changed. From my lover, so involved in my cock, sucking it, licking it, feeling it grow larger in her mouth, to someone cold and business-like. She had a purpose, something to do, and it was not me. She turned it off. She could care less about the head she was just giving so expertly. She was now all business, a slut on a mission, on her way out for a hot, though quick, date. She wanted to be fucked, and this time, it was not me she was going to have inside her. No sense getting too hot over me at that moment. She left eager to have a different cock in her pussy, just teasing me enough to say, in a sexy way, I love you.

"I will call you as soon as I get there" she told me.
"I love you, Baby" I said. "you tramp. Now go get fucked and hurry back home to me."
"Do you want me to wear my panties home, or should I keep them off?"
I thought for a moment, and really had no opinion. "Whatever you like, baby." I told her.
"Well," she said, "I was just thinking, I dont want his cum to leak out all over the car. I remember that he usually cums a lot."
WEll, baby, that is why I bought you a car with leather seats", I reminded. "It will be easy to clean up."
" I think Im going to wear them back"she decided, and her face took on a dominant tone, very serious, and a little mean. "Besides, you are going to clean my pussy out when I get back. You will lick me clean, before you fuck me. You will suck my cunt clean, and I wont have to worry about my car." I love it when she gets into a role. She was doing a fantastic job, playing the bitch whore, the domineering hotwife. There was only one response I had to this.
"Yes dear" Whatever you wish, my princess. I love you"
"You are learning, she said. "Good, baby. I love you too."
She kissed me once more. With that, she turned and walked out the door.

I went immediately to wash my cock with a cold washcloth. I needed the cold to ease the throbbing. I had honestly never been so hot in my life. I have had threesomes and foursomes, role play, bondage, about anything that isn't illegal or just disgusting, and more than my share of some pretty hot sex before. There is something almost indescribable about the feeling both inside my heart, my gut, and right down to my balls, that comes from the thought, no, the reality, of knowing that the woman I love, the woman I am in love with and have been for years, will have another mans cock in her pussy in s mstter of minutes. All with my approval and encouragement.

I wished I could be there to witness the instant that his cock passed that point of no return, and entered her vagina. The instant his purple head disappeared beneath her wet orchid lips, and his shaft slid deeply into her. I know that at that moment of first penetration, the feeling causes her back to slightly arch and her breath to escape her lungs. Her eyes will close and her head will roll back gently as she usually does when my cock enters her. To imagine how hot she must also be feeling, knowing she is being "bad" by other peoples standards. That our mommas would certainly not have approved. That she is being the girl that she had in the past called trash, slut, whore. Knowing that she is being that little slut. Knowing that she has a man at home, while she lay there with John's cock inside her, and that it is turning me on and actually causing my love for her to grow...

Fortunately, John lived very close to her apartment, so I knew it wouldn't be long before she was there. I had often fantasized while we were dating that she might just run down to his house to fuck from time to time. I never thought that had happened. We have always had an amazing amount of respect, honesty and trust between us. But it excited me to imagine it, and when she was not with me it provided a nice fantasy to masturbate to.

We had talked a lot about this evening in the past week, and she had told me what she expected to happen. I had told her that I had heard he had a big cock. She was a little shocked, and asked how I knew that. He had intimated it during a conversation about 2 years earlier, and the manner in which he did so led me to beleive he was telling the truth. She said, yes, he does have a big cock. His cock is long, she told me, but slim. She admitted that he was a good fuck, but that she was glad they had broken up, and that she was in love with me. I discovered that this all was actually a boost to my own self esteem. Nice to know she enjoys fucking me so frequently and that I am not the only good fuck she has access to. She explained that she liked different sizes and thicknesses, because they all concentrated on different spots inside her, and each was like a different delicious flavor of orgasm. I asked if she had ever had a cock that was too big, and she quickly said, no, but then again she had never fucked some guy with a porn dick before.

I was glad to hear he did have a longer cock than mine- I wanted her to have a different fuck than what she was used to on a regular basis. That was part of the fantasy. I know she is very multi-orgasmic, and that she really likes a good hard fucking. She actually comes rather quickly if she is getting fucked hard and fast. I hoped he would fuck her hard this evening. I wanted her to cum hard, heavy, and often.

During the week leading up to this night, we had decided that any playing we were going to do outside the two of us would be done with a condom. We are adventurous, and enjoy non-traditional sex, but we aren't stupid. This night, though, was a special treat, because we agreed, much to my pleasure, that she would not ask him to wear a condom, since they had been in a relationship not long before, that we had all been friends, and know each other very well, and know who we have been with and what our standards all are. Every act is, of course a risk, unless you are with your partner 24 hours a day, but this was a risk we were both comfortable with. I loved the idea, and now I look forward to finding a situation where we can both be comfortable with a bareback cock in her again, one day. Aside from mine, of course. There is something very hot about filling her pussy with cum. It is like leaving your mark, and it makes me cum stronger than usual when I know someone else has their sperm inside her. I think it is some sort of biological desire to have my sperm "win". Also, I have learned that it is an amazing lubricant, and makes her pussy feel even better than it already does. I also love the effect it has on her,when she is walking around with the knowledge that she has it inside her.

Just a few short minutes later, my phone rang. Barely five minutes had passed since she left. "Im here, baby" she told me, and I listened closely to check the sound quality through our cell phones. I told her I could hear pretty well, and went into her bedroom to lay on the bed, where it is the quietest. My thoughts darted back to the morning, when I had fucked her her on this bed, to the present, where she was walking up his sidewalk, about to get fucked again. She told me "I'm going to put the phone on top in my purse, and leave my purse open. I hope you can hear ok." We tested the phone, and she continued to talk after she placed it there. When she picked it back up, and asked If I could hear, I assured her it was better than I had hoped.

"I love you baby" I said, very sincerely. "Now go fuck the hell out of him, and bring your hot, wet, well fucked pussy back home to me."
"OK, baby. I love you too." she answered. I sensed a little nervousness about her. I was glad she was going to fuck an ex, for that reason, because I know she at least knew what to expect and had a comfort level with him. I heard the car door shut, and her 4 inch black heels click click click click up the sidewalk. I listened as she knocked on the door. Pause. I heard him tell her hello, and wow, you look great. I heard the smack of a quick lip kiss. I pictured her whore red lipstick and whore red fingernails and toenails on her beautiful manicured and pedicured hands and feet... I couldn't make out everything said, but I caught bits and pieces. He asked how she was, how she had been, that it had been way too long since he had seen her in any quality way. He was trying to make small talk, but she was on a mission. She was polite, and obliged briefly, but then I figured out that she had taken off her coat , showing that fabulous body in the black garters and hose, and the black lacy bra. I imagine she probably reached down and rubbed her pussy through the thong panties a bit, while posing for him. That sexy, sinister smile.

The things I couldn't see happening were part of the excitement of the encounter to me. I heard her say, pointedly, that she didn't have long, she had to meet someone in just a little while, and she wanted to get fucked. I smiled a little, knowing I was who she was going to meet.

Her quick statement that she wanted to fuck sounded like it left him just a little surprised, but not caught totally off guard, I am sure. Since he had dated her before, I am sure he knew that when she is in certain moods she can be very brash and to the point. It is just one more quality that I love about her.

I heard him say the word "bedroom" among some garbled things that I couldn't make out, and heard the click click click on the hardwood floor. A long squeaking sound came through next, as one of them, probably her, got on the bed. She commented about the glass of water he had for her on the nightstand. She likes to keep ice water handy when she sucks cock. They next said a few things that I couldn't not make out, and then a few seconds later, things got quiet.......... I heard nothing at all.

The silence was exhilarating! I knew that in that first moment that I could not hear, that the sex was starting. I knew that either she had his hard, long cock in her mouth, or that his tongue was working her clit. I just didn't know which one. I listened intently to try to figure it out. I heard a faint moan, followed by another just a little louder. My darling little slut was making sure that her man could hear while she was getting her pussy eaten.
"You eat pussy so good" she told him.
All I heard back was a muffled, faint "mfmmfff, mmfptmmm" from him. My cock was throbbing as I listened.
"Oh, god, yes, oh, god, John. I'm going to cum already. LIck my clit like that. Oh yes, oh John, mmmmm. God that feels so good. You eat pussy so well. Oh, god, oh yes," The pitch in her voice rose. "Oh, yes yes, yes, yes, yes, mmmmmmmmm I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Oh yesss. Mmmmmmm you eat my pussy well. I love it."

I was so proud of my baby, making sure everything sounded good for me. Part of the excitement was hearing the difference in the way they were talking, hearing her be so clear for me, and only hearing him in muffled rambles. It re-confirmed the fact that he was oblivious to the fact that he was with my woman, and I was gladly listening, while she was giving me a special performance, and enjoying herself at the same time. It added more heat to know that she and I were secretly in on the little game, and he was not. She handn't lied to him about anything, but had just not bothered to tell him a few things.

My sweet princess was acting like a total whore with him, and it was turning me on. He was a good fuck for her without any real emotion, just a fuck for the pure pleasure of the act. Her lover was waiting patiently at home, listening to her cum. Again, I felt the lust rise up in me, and the jealousy turn even more to love. Sure, she was cumming with him, but she was doing it in part for both of us, to fulfill one of my many fantasies. It was as if she was my personal phone sex operator, but better- like a porn star with audio only, for my pleasure, but I knew the moans were real, the orgasms genuine, and the fucking, licking, and sucking not imagined, but actually happening just a few doors away.

Soon, I heard her tell him to fuck her, and he must have mounted her at that point. There was another moment of pause I finally heard my baby let out her breath, and I knew that that was the moment his cock entered her. I couldn't make out either of their words at that point, but could only hear a steady, rythmic sound coming from them, mmppff, mmppff, mmppff, mmppff, low pitch and fast. With each sound in rythym, I listened less for any words, and more just enjoyed the rythym, which I knew meant that his cock was inside her pussy, that his shaft was now wet with her juices.

She can get very wet, and was when she left the apartment only 15 minutes earlier. I know that her wetness was coming out of her pussy, and had probably already made a puddle on his sheets from when he ate her pussy. I was sure that each time his balls slapped up against her asshole, that they were getting a little wetter. Soon, he would be covered from his stomach to his thighs in her cum and juices.

Finally, I could begin to hear the wet smacking I was listening so closely for, and I began to make out her moaning again. She had been enjoying the fuck, and had forgotten to be loud and clear for me, which again reminded me of the reality that was happening, and that she was enjoying his cock slamming in and out of her pussy, hard, fast, making her eyes open wide with each deeper, harder thrust.

I pictured the scene in my mind, and made it fit the sound. Sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt. His face inches from hers, probably kissing her hard from time to time, her whore red lips sucking his tongue, his tongue and hers together flicking and darting, mouths open wide. sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt his cock thrusting in and out, in and out. sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt She probably licked his face just before an orgasm, a hard lick, slurping up the juices left on his face to taste her own pussy on him. She loves to do this, I know, and it makes her even hotter. I think she likes the taste pf pussy even more than the fuck.

Sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt His chest rubbing her nipples, their stomachs pressed together and beginning to exchange a little sweat from one to the other, all while this man, this man I have known for several years and have been friends with, is shoving his cock in and out of my baby dolls pussy. He must have been feeling like a bit of a bad boy, too, knowing she was my woman, and not knowing I was in on it. Something makes it even hotter when it seems bad, I guess.

Sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt sqlapt He is feeling her walls with his cock, the same walls I felt earlier. He is getting her nice wet, freshly douched pussy, prepared especially for his cock. Fucking my beloved who is dressed for the first time in the sexy new lingeree' I bought for the occasion and yes, hitting a spot or two that I don't hit. All done as part of the fantasy that we now live together from time to time.

I was hoping she was having great orgasms with him. Once in a while she would say something that made me know she was thinking of me, at least occasionally, while feeling his cock inside her pussy, thrusting hard, shoving her body back on the bed, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. "O yes" I heard her say again, Im cumming again" Then I heard his voice again, though muffled. From the intensity in the tone, I figured he must be telling her he was about to cum too. I heard the smack, smack, smack a few seconds longer, then a prolonged silence, though not complete, when I figured he must be kissing her again. Sweet. He is a nice guy.

A few seconds later, I heard them both say that was a good fuck, and he said that they would have to start doing that more often, maybe once or twice a week. He wanted to take her to dinner next time. I thought, how nice, but there is no need to spend money on her. I am very glad to spend my money on her, and just love to share her with another man. I thought, "If she wants to, Ill send them both out together. My treat."

I heard her thank him. She is always so polite. She has always said thank you when she cums. The men should be the ones thanking her. I know I do. I worship this wonderful woman. My beautiful queen, my baby, my lady, my other half, my lover, my devious slut, my nasty whore.

And now my nasty little whore, who I love very much, had another mans cum in her pussy. Warm and wet inside her, he had left a deposit inside her wet cunt, and she and I were surely both very aware of that fact. She lay there on his bed, and I heard what I was sure was the sound of her getting her thongs. I lay at home, hard, excited, self analyzing my feelings. The woman I love more than any other, was just fucked my another man, and at that very moment had his cum inside her pussy.

Did I feel jealousy? Just a tiny bit. I was surprised. It felt good. It intensified my love. Did I feel love, and not just lust? It was definitely love, though there was no doubt that lust was abundantly present. There was no betrayal. I had begged her to go through with it during the previous week. She had said many times, we don't have to do this. She had told me many times that I was all the man she would ever want or need. And I believe her. I know she is all the woman I want or need. I knew that the whole affair was risky. That things could change once she crossed that point of no return. But I knew that what we were doing was done honestly between us, and I was comfortable. I allowed myself to enjoy the sexual excitement I was feeling. I knew I would analyze my feelings again after she returned and we fucked. I wanted to make sure I felt the same after the testosterone had released, be sure that I was still comfortable after I had came. She had asked me several times before she did it, if I would still love her. Each time I assured her that I would, but I knew I really wouldn't know how I felt until we had actually done what we were going to do. I knew in my heart, that I loved her more than I ever had, that I felt a genuine, nurturing, caring, caressing kind of love for her, more than I ever had before. To my surprise, I later learned that my own self-esteem had increased, as strange as it may seem, from our activities. I felt more secure about myself, and I can honestly say, I feel more secure in our relationship than I ever have in any relationship in my life. She is my soul mate.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another fun weeknight!

When she left work, she called and told me to clean the house up, she was going to tan. I had heard from him, that he was indeed on his way. So after I showered, I ran through the house picking up empty water glasses and making the bed, making sure our clutter was put away. Dee arrived only 2-3 minutes before Buddy. I invited him in, offered him a glass of water, and told him to make himself comfortable. We still have not yet mastered the proper way around the awkwardness of a first meeting. Buddy and I sat and talked for a minute, and I told him about our favorite club, and went over his resume', his swinging/threesome/couples experience. He was not very experienced, but he had that certain confidence that lets you know that he will be able to fuck, and not likely have the all too common "performance anxiety"

Dee called me to her room, and asked "does he look like his photo?" I reassured her that he did- he was a nice guy in person, and she had selected well as far as "normal" goes. I returned to the living room, and continued our very normal conversation, albeit awkward. "So, let me tell you about her first gang-bang...."

When she came into the room, he was appropriately distracted from our conversation. Dee made it easier, in that she was wearing a HOTTT black one piece slutwear item (what else do you call it?) with an open back and a very short skirt bottom. No panties- she has been "forgetting" them conveniently lately. Which i love- I would love for her to come home having been fucked by a random guy she met in the checkout line and slipped away to fuck... but that would be another story.

Dee was nervous, anxious. Not at all unusual- I said before, we dont drink or do drugs, and even the most experienced whore would be likely to be a little anxious about a guy she just met online that she plans to fuck while her husband watches.

So, after a few more awkward moments with the three of us, I suggested I rub her shoulders- that's what I do to relax her, normally. She said she didn't need that, but that there were other things I should be massaging. I went and got a glass of water, started on her shoulders, and when I could feel her muscles just starting to loosen up, I went to my knees, and started rubbing her feet, then her legs, while she told him about the massage she had at the swing club- where she fucked the masseuse and our friend M, and me. (she said, "and you" as an after thought. Some readers may understand why that little moment was hot.)

I started licking her cunt- it is always fantastic- I would eat her 3 times a day if she would let me. She scooted forward in the chair. Buddy asked, "can I watch?" as his way to walk over to the arm of her chair. He started kissing her soon after that, and she was feeling his cock through his pants. His hand reached down and started massaging her big tits. (I only caught glimpses, as the pussy was sooo good) I started sliding two fingers in and out while I licked her cunt. She took out his cock, and started sucking him. What a hot moment. I am on my knees between my wifes legs, eating her pussy, and she has a strangers cock in her mouth. Welcome to our lovely home.

She suggested we move into the bedroom, which we did. As an aside, when we first started fucking around, she had certain rules- certain taboos she said we would not do- she would not kiss, and never, never would we fuck anyone in our marital bed. Only and always condoms- no exceptions. Each time we broke one of her taboos it became just a little hotter for me. And, she is just like me, so I know it was hotter for her too.

They went into the bedroom, and I went after the video camera and camera.

details, details- I spend too much time on these. Just the high points- she sucked his cock, he ate her pussy, I walked around with camcorder. She was doggie, and sucking him, and her ass looked awesome in the bedroom mirror.

I fucked her briefly while she was in that position- she had many orgasms. He fucked her doggie with the condom. Then she asked if he had came at the same time as her, he said he didn't cum, and probably wouldn't with the condom. We agreed to let him fuck her bareback (certain things had came out that made us comfortable) And, once again, her amazing pussy made him cum in about 3 more minutes. No one can last in there. lol. She rolled over, spread her legs for me, and she pushed out a thick load, running down her cunt to her crack. I kissed her, and went back between her legs and cleaned her cunt. I brought her to another orgasm with my tongue, and this caused her to push out everything else.

I fucked her after he left, and went under her to eat my load- i could have ate her and fucked and played for hours more- but it is a school night. So we retired to the computers, and she started looking for another friend. She finally got to talk to a female friend from nearby, who is also a hotwife. Her husband and I have been talking for about 2 years- and maybe we will all get to meet one day soon...

Monday, May 3, 2010

Subtle things

Sometimes, little things are some of the hottest. We are both working, Monday morning, at our computers. She is typing away, I think working on a help wanted ad. Little did I know she was chatting with a man from nearby. She was talking to him for the last couple days.

I get a yahoo message from her on my computer- asking me to accept photos. I accept, and get a photo of a nice looking man in a tie, named "Buddy" I say, "Who is that?" to which she replies. "Buddy- I think I will fuck him tonight"

She talks to him some more, and then tells me he will be sending me a message, that I am to give him directions.

Being married to a whore is so hot.